The journey of IFA began with a few faithful and determined saints known as the Prayer Band. Founded by Pastor Jim and Edith Howard, the Prayer Band held services in Brother and Sister Howard’s home at 6009 Maplewood Drive.

The Prayer Band continued services in the homes many others within the membership.

As the prayer band grew, houses could no longer accommodate the multitude of hungry souls searching for the Word. The journey continued to Rhodes United Funeral Home located at 2929 Scenic Hwy and then to Alpine Chapel on Chestnut Street. The need for a larger edifice arose. Later God directed their steps, as they were inspired by divine wisdom to seek an even larger edifice. Interdenominational Faith Assembly at 3006 Fuqua came to fruition. God didn’t stop there. Hundreds of people packed the little red brick church on the corner of Fuqua, and the need for an even larger edifice existed. Through a divine Word of Wisdom to the Church, God said, “It’s still not big enough, I’m going to increase it. I am in the midst of my people and I am going to bless them. I will take them higher.” The manifestation was fulfilled in October 1989. The Body of Interdenominational Faith Assembly moved to the new sanctuary at 5050 Greenwell St., where we are now worshipping God in spirit and in truth.

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