Pastor Guevara Johnson is a trend-setting preacher, teacher, and prophet who is a powerhouse for God. God uses him mightily to ignite the spirit of people and awaken their passion for Christ. Pastor Johnson’s life-altering, faith-affirming delivery of God’s Word transcends the listener’s thinking from a state of just having church to one of true worship. Having been given a prophetic mandate to preach healing, God has released healing. Pastor Johnson is an anointed vessel through which God is releasing this healing power. With just one touch, many have been made whole from various afflictions.

Pastor Johnson is an ordained pastor, who currently serves as God’s Shepherd to the flock at Interdenominational Faith Assembly Church in Baton Rouge, LA. Under his leadership, this ministry has grown and has helped many people financially, physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally. In the days immediately following Hurricane Katrina, it was the hub in which housing, food, supplies, finances and social services were provided to the victims of the storm. This ministry has also provided financial assistance for college-bound students, activities for youth and young adults, food and clothing to the homeless, ministering to the incarcerated, and to the deaf community.

Pastor Johnson guards the Word like a spirited lion, but he carries himself with the humility of a lamb. He was born in Lutcher, LA and raised in Baton Rouge, LA. He received degrees from Southern Arkansas University and Word of Faith Bible College. He was trained extensively for 21+ years under the guidance of Pastors Jim Howard and the Late Edith Howard.

Pastor Johnson has ordered his life according to simple principles which include acknowledging God daily, doing what God has said and living life for God every day as though it were his last day. His declaration is: “This is that–What God has set in Motion, NOTHING can REVERSE it!”

Dr. Shannon Johnson is an honorable woman of God, who is a phenomenal preacher and teacher of the gospel. She is married to Pastor Guevara Johnson and together they are the pastors of Interdenominational Faith Assembly, (IFA), in Baton Rouge, LA.

Dr. Shannon, who is an inspirational minister of the gospel, was called to ministry in 2001 under the leadership of the late Pastor Edith Howard. She is adamant about educating, equipping and empowering the people of God, and as such, she established and is Director of IFA’s, Faith Bible Institute, which is an extension of Faith Christian University in Orlando, Florida.

Although she is soft-spoken and has the grace and elegance of a swan, she uses the word of God boldly as a lion to empower and impact the listeners. She plants the word with the forethought and Wisdom of Solomon and she is able to rightly divide the word with the precision of a diamond cutter. Not only has Dr. Shannon been anointed by God to share His Gospel with others, but she has also been formally educated in the ways of Kingdom works. She has a Bachelor in Theology from Life Christian University and a Doctorate in Bible & Theology from Faith Christian University. Dr. Shannon is also a graduate of Southern University, holding a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting, and a Masters in Business Administration, (MBA).

Truly leading by example, Dr. Shannon is the epitome of excellence in ministry. She balances her duties as wife and mother along with the demands of helping to lead a thriving ministry, all while keeping within the confines of what is holy and acceptable to God, thereby truly showing that there is no compromise for her when it comes to God. Dr. Shannon’s declaration is that “NOTHING is too hard for God!” and that we should “allow nothing to water down our faith in God”.

Pastors Guevara and Shannon Johnson were united in holy matrimony by Bishop Wayne T. and Dr. Beverly Y. Jackson of Great Faith Ministries-Detroit, Michigan. They have a combined family of six children.

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